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Only ordered form a dealer once, so far.
Let's say it was a rather unpleasant affair.

I needed to replace the swingarm and linkage bearings and bushings, a new chain slider and some shims for my 650GS,
I got the bearings locally, probably waaaay cheaper than what BMW would've billed me,
however, I'd ordered everything else from a dealer.

Of course, they've had nothing in stock, as expected.
First of all it took over a week for the parts to arrive, surprise, surprise, although I'd clearly stated I needed the bushings,
They'd ordered a couple of bearings (it wasn't even the right number of bearings, they forgot nearly half of them ).

Then they'd been a bit confused about which parts they needed, so they went ahead and asked me to go on their computer in their store to look up the part numbers in the fiche

Well, whatever, I needed those parts.
Of course, two of the bushings were not available anymore, luckily another one was nearly the same size, so I'd just ordered 2 more of those and had them turned down by a friend on his lathe. After I finally got them.

I mean, I did get them, after all, they'd sad they'd order them overnight.
I called 4 days later only to be told they'll be in tomorrow.
Some days later, another call they promised the parts would already sit on the counter and wait for me to pick them up. Only to be called back a couple minutes later and be told that they are still in the shiping compartment.

Long short story, I finally got the parts a good 4 weeks after I'd initially placed the order.

Never again am I gonna visit them.

I've also made positive experiences, though, in a small, independent MC garage where the owner is the only mechanic, awesome guy.
He got me the tire I needed within a day, made me a good deal including mounting&balancing and even installed it right when I brought the wheel in,
even though I could've easily waited a couple days, which he knew.
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