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Originally Posted by Hoonatic Ty View Post
Down from the Snowys to Eden on the NSW south coast I cleaned and stored the bike at my folks place. Eager to return from sea in another 5 weeks to ride to the Tenere Tragics run to Longreach.

My return to the bike has been a delayed one. My blow from viral meningitis came from no-where but certainly sent me some where, down for the count. Instead of getting back on the bike I was getting back in a hospital bed!

I would like to say a sincere, massive thank you to all nursing and doctor staff of the hospitals I've been in recently! I have always received great care and assistance. These people are doing an amazing job helping others with medical aid. It takes a very special person to help very sick or injured people. Thank you.

I was twin fuel injected! One pump for the rehydrating solution and the other for the anti-virus. After all my veins in my hands gave up they did a "Direct Injection Pipe" (pick line) in through my inner arm direct into my heart! These two were my close mates for weeks, followed me around absolutely, everywhere. Lifesavers.

Back from the dead and after another 5 weeks work at sea I prepared my bike for the next leg of the journey. I had missed my chance to do the Tenere Tragic ride, I still had the urge to do more inland travelling. My thoughts of doing it still remained...

... snip ...
Wow, I'm glad to know you are on the mend as we say over here. Meningitis is not an ailment with which to trifle.

I had Malaria in 2006 after a trip to Myanmar (Burma) and the treatments were awful. How did you discover the Meningitis, if you don't mind a momentary detour from the story line?
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