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Originally Posted by wb57 View Post
No problem at all with dealers not keeping every single SKU in stock for every single bike ever made. I understand that they have a limited budget to work with and need to stock the parts that are going to turn most frequently. I do have a problem with Parts guys that can't react to obvious discrepancies between what their recommended stock levels are on a given part and the real world.
Example: an air filter for a YZ250F is the exact same part number/SKU for well over 100 different Yamahas. The local guy didn't think he needed to carry it. OEM or aftermarket and he did stock Uni, TwinAir, etc.
I have dozens of examples similar to this, especially from when my son and I were riding dirt about 150 days/year and breaking/wearing out a lot of parts.

And like lots of folks here, I have NO problem paying a local guy a premium to have the parts I need in stock. I try fairly hard to support the local guys. I want them to stay in business. They need to realize that their competition isn't the guy down the road anymore, but the Internet. "I can order it for you" is a ridiculous statement to make anymore. I can order it myself, for cheaper and likely have it on my front doorstep before they've even keyed in the order.

Unfortunately, it *seems* that getting the cheapest parts guys behind the counter is the prime consideration for a lot of shops. I do business with a good number of shops within 50 miles of me to the point where most of the part guys, and the owners in many cases, are on a first name basis with me. Two good friends - parts managers at the two shops nearest me - have quit and left the industry in the last two weeks. These were guys who have been in the industry for at least the 15+ years I've known them.

Had a decent talk with the owner of another shop a while back about this situation. Was telling him that when I worked in a parts department back in high school (mid 1970s) we DID keep just about everything in stock and it was frustrating having to deal with situations like the air filter example above. He's been in business that long and responded that, yes, that is the case, but back then, ordering a part was frequently done by filling out a piece of paper, snail mailing it to the vendor and waiting the several weeks or so to get it in. If it wasn't backordered. Now, there's likely to be a distribution center within 1-2 days shipping time and it's all done online. So, they feel in many cases, it's more efficient to let the vendor be their warehouse. I get this and in a perfect world, it would probably work pretty well. But as we've all seen, there are a LOT of flaws in the system.

I am with you on this, but I have an issue with them not even stocking simply maintenance parts like valve shims. These things are tiny, take up almost no space, and are cheap..

Any dealer I have called in the area (out to 50 miles from my house) has informed me that they are special order parts and that it will be 3-5 business days to get them. I can get them faster and cheaper to my doorstep, why would I order through them? If you had them in stock I would pay the premium to be able to complete the maintenance on my bike in a single day.

How on earth do they do valve adjustments on customer bikes? Tear them down and take up shop space for a week waiting on parts?
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