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UPDATE: Turns out the pairing instructions in the booklet and their PDF online for connecting the WT300 to the HBC200 are wrong.

Here's what they sent me in an email. I tried it and now everything is working as claimed:

Originally Posted by Lauren Ryan @
PAIR WT300 and HBC200:
1. Turn on HBC200
2. Turn on WT300 by holding the button for about one second until you see the red light and release- it will then turn blue.
3. Put the HBC200 into bluetooth pairing mode by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until light flashes blue/red
4. Hold the button on the WT300 for 10-12 seconds until the lights go through the following sequence:
Light will go from flashing blue to 5 red flashes then stop blink for 2 seconds. Then the light will begin flashing blue and red alternately- NOW is when you release the button. The WT300 will continue flashing blue/red then begin flashing blue VERY quickly. You will notice the HBC200 will go from red/blue alternately flashing to flashing blue slowly and then the WT300 will flash blue slowly. When both units are flashing Blue slowly they are paired!
I do wish they would put that in their online FAQ or correct their documentation.
Now my remote works and I'm transmitting out via the helmet. I'll test it some more this weekend once I get my HT rig w/external antenna going on the bike. Just finished getting APRS working on it.
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