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Lorenzo's collarbone: no simple break

I've pulled the quote below from Kropotkin off the end of the Holland Days thread, as those tend to die quick deaths post-race whereas this point has some legs, IMO.

Originally Posted by Kropotkin View Post
Dennis Noyes weighs in on the foolhardiness of Lorenzo's decision to race:
BTW, it is at least not obvious in the context of the other thread that Kropotkin is passing a comment himself about whether Lorenzo was foolhardy; rather, point is that the Noyes article brings some light to that question.

The Noyes piece is a very interesting read. Pulls together decisions of doctors at trackside with published comments from the Spanish surgeon who set Lorenzo's collarbone.

A key quote from that surgeon, named as Joaquin Rodriguez:

“Lorenzo had broken the same collarbone before and this was an unusual break with a fragment quite displaced and very close to both the artery and a vein that pass just beneath the bone. This type of fracture can cause very serious injuries to veins. This type of fracture should not be underestimated. Most collarbone breaks are not dangerous but this one was somewhat dangerous. I advised against him riding but when we all saw that he had it in his head to race, we advised him about movements to avoid and warnings to heed in the race.”

Lots more from a variety of sources in the Noyes article.

I have two reactions:

1. Lorenzo had a lot more at stake in that race than I realised.

2. Lorenzo had so much at stake that I can't quite manage to see his decision to race as well judged.

I suppose a decision to race a MotoGP bike even when fully fit is foolhardy by many people's standards. Nevertheless, it seems to me the courageous decision from Lorenzo in these circumstances would have been to sit out the race and perhaps even the next one.

Thoughts? (Probably helpful to read the full Noyes article before commenting.)
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