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Wink Double the danger?

Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
and what if you're fighting in Afghanistan on a motorcycle?

Double Danger?

Soldiers test motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles at NIE 13.1

Pfc. Joshua Doster, a tanker with 1-6 Infantry, who is one of the soldiers testing the motor vehicles, said he feels the motorcycles and ATVs will increase the range of tasks soldiers can perform in the area of scouting missions and area reconnaissance.
"Just being a smaller vehicle [it is] able to move under cover without the noise and the profile of a lot of these larger vehicles that weve been using," said Doster.
Branch said the integrated base defense system is in Afghanistan but its not integrated with motorcycles and ATVs.
"The work that were doing here at the NIE is allowing for us to aid the soldiers that are in Afghanistan," said Branch.
He added, "This is allowing us to establish a baseline for our tactics, techniques and standard operating procedures for how we employ these systems in a testing environment such as this one so that we can forward it to soldiers that are in Afghanistan and allow them to be successful in their operations."
Someone needs to tell Pfc. Joshua Doster that those sort of "operating procedures" may just be doubling the danger to personnel.
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