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Originally Posted by AWM View Post
Hammer run= The only reason to goto New Jersey.

If I had to use one word to describe the Hammer Run,,,,Creamy.

Very well put together,once a year chance to ride unridible[by law] fire cuts and trails,Free Beer,good Saturday night scetty dinner,or Red Lobster with a drunk Nate[priceless]door prizes,Bands,ya get to see what your inter net friends look like,free camping,just a good fun turkey run.Great club,with a lot of involved members.

Meh, I've seen Nate drunk plenty of times, even been responsible for it once or twice. I had to keep the girls from painting him up one night with with make up and nail polish (I felt bad, it was one of the times I was pouring his drinks).

Originally Posted by metaljockey View Post
None of us are exceptionally skilled riders (excepting when I'm drunk, then I'm fcking quick).
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