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Let us know how it goes Perry.

For a 2004 the C or 3 just means it's green sticker or red sticker. Does not grant it hiway usage. You may get a dumb clerk that will do it, but don't be surprised if they turn you down. The answer you got could very well have been referring to later models that are CARB certified for hiway licensure.

KTM does not state on their MSO (manufacturers statement of origin) that the bike is 'offroad use only' or 'competition use only' so that helps. But those were not hiway bikes and on a new title application they are required to do a vin check, specifically looking for a 50-state EPA sticker saying it conforms to federal hiway standards. The inspector will ask you where this sticker is. They have to sign the VIN Check form that it has it on there, enter their badge number and contact phone number. This is what confuses some (Larry) on "going by the VIN." The VIN has a year of manufacture coded into it, and 2004 KTM EXC's are not CARB legal for hiway use. And yes, the cutoff was 2004 for getting non-hiway motorcycles plated. It also happened that there were no newer bikes that year (2004) so that's where the year cutoff moniker comes from.

You will also need a lighting inspection certificate and sign an affidavit that the bike meets hiway regs for safety equipment. However they do not check for this equipment, you sign that it has it. Some bike shops can provide this for you - I got one done without them even looking at it for $50.

Good luck! Kali-Jerry got his, maybe you will too.
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