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It's a scorcher

Throttlemeister, thanks much. Enjoyed your jaunts south, will look you up when back in the flatlands. I don't know what the weather is there, but after last summer 89 Celsius over here is balmy. The beaches are packed(I know the pic is crooked, but the zoom shots arn't).

And schedule wise, depends on how many guys I meet. I asked the older gent, as he eyed my bike, 'what color is your bike?', he paused then started with, 'well, in 1945...'.

That was in Ballintoy Harbor, where they shot King of Thrones. The guy on the yellow Beemer had spent 2 weeks at the TT. It just never ends. Proof that I do equal oportunity shots of dudes and dudettes.

Spent the day on the Coast Road heading south. Jeez, I just didn't want to stop. Until it started getting cityish and I darted back inland. This guy was blatting, 'Hey look at the gumby with his glove over the lens'. I commented to a pub owner, as I was searching for wifi, 'the beaches are packed today', he said 'that's cause that's where the water is'. I found another spot

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