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Originally Posted by Jamie Z View Post
I'm looking at new boots. My old ones are falling apart. Unfortunately it seems nobody in this area has a decent selection of boots.

Do any of you guys wear any of the following model boots? I'd like to at least have a look in person before making up my mind and ordering online.

Sidi Canyon
BMW Santiago
BMW Allround
BMW Pro Touring 2

What, no Grocery bags duct taped to old tire tread, waterproofed with Dried Bodily Fluids and tied to your feet with free Bailing twine from the Hardware store,. Where is the old Jamie-ingenuity?

Good Luck to you but just Fyi. I don't think any retailer will take payment plans and ketchup Packets as collateral for actual money.

If there is a Barter system out there I'm sure you will find it though!

I'm sure you could start "Budget Gear the Jamie Z way" page.

Keep us posted.
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