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Originally Posted by Tee2 View Post
I was debating if I should bring my camera to Redbud this year, but my daughter wanted a few pictures of her favorite riders. So I thought I would have some fun and go old school. All I took was the camera, one battery, one CF card and a 300mm f4 lens, and a 1.4 converter. Turned off the AF, single shot mode, and did NO chimping. I was going to tape out the screen but still needed to see some menu stuff. It was hard to not chimp and just trust you where getting the right exposure and focus. No post work or cropping.

Here are the 250's. [/URL]
interesting approach! it worked. damn with the TC you were up around 450mm these are crisp. having seen them 2 weeks in a row it's still fresh in my mind just HOW FAST AND HARD they ride. that looks like a pretty big hill they either jumped down or came down but whichever you know he/they are now in this big DEEP rut of a berm/turn with all that momentum and THEY JUST DON'T LET UP they truly are beyond belief. Warren Reid slammed todays riders last month at Unadilla VMX called them a bunch of baby's because they only ride 30 minute moto's and they used to ride 40-45 and Mamoth Mt was 45 plus a lap and a lap was 2.5 minutes blah blah blah but these guys, led by guys like Musquin and all the rest of them are on another planet there is no other way to put it. TV does good with SX, not so good with MX. You have to look at this picture as someone who just came by at a very high rate of speed over very difficult terrain. Blink and you missed it. Nice shots, looking forward to the 450's.
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