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Originally Posted by PFFOG View Post
Thanks for making my point SouthWade!

Here is yours which is about 1600 sq miles (40x40 miles)

Vs central Italy about 625 sq miles, or less than 1/2 the area you mapped

Vs N Italy same 625 sq mile scale

And I can move N-E-Sor W of these captures and it looks the same. I have been with several riders there for the first time, and think they know what to expect and every one is completely blown away. Yes we have some good roads, but there is THOUSANDS in the Alps, and considering the entire Alps chain would fit in 1/2 of Colorado! So take EVERY great road in N America, and move it to an area 1/2 the size of CO, and you get the idea.
I'm pretty sure that I could have just as much fun in the appalachains, rockies, or sierras as you could in the Alps. Can I ask why the shot you used for California was to a different scale than the other two (i maybe missing something)? If you could have them all at the same scale it would be a more accurate comparison. As it is the California map covers nearly 3 times the area. It would stand to reason that there isn't as much detail on that one as opposed to your ones of italy.
Don't get me wrong though. The roads in the alps are tons of fun. I just think the comparison is a little biased towards the european maps due to the smaller area having more detail.
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