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Harmonizer pre-list

Originally Posted by ajsbonneville View Post
Well, thanks for your help, clearly you know the answer and instead of having a go at me could have just given me the answer but yes I did read the thread but not all 74 pages of it and I couldnt find anything about preordering only that they would be perhaps available in August, not quite the same thing but thank you for your interest.

I apologise on behalf of most members for your less than friendly welcome to the forum.
Briefly, the very first post in the thread is the key - that is where you'll find the latest news as to availability. Once they are available, a price and order tab will be available on that post.
Due to the high demand and limited supply, it is run on a 'first-come-first-served' basis, so there is no waiting list as such.
Reading through all the posts is informative on many aspects of the Harmonizer, not just on how to get your hands on one. It worth taking the time one Saturday afternoon.
I hope this helps.
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