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Originally Posted by ajsbonneville View Post
Well, thanks for your help, clearly you know the answer and instead of having a go at me could have just given me the answer but yes I did read the thread but not all 74 pages of it and I couldnt find anything about preordering only that they would be perhaps available in August, not quite the same thing but thank you for your interest.


Ok, I found an answer in page 72, but its not from Grock, why wouldnt a a person have a list of persons interested, that would help with stock ordering etc.

My mea culpa

See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Reading back just two pages, eh?

As for Grok... I figure it's his business how he runs his business. He designs and builds an amazing product. Some more reading in the thread might give you some insight into why he sells them the way he does.


p.s. - you can tell from his post count and join date how much ol' GreyAl represents "most members of this forum"... Of course, you can also see how in just the past few pages of this thread how "most members" suggest reading the thread before asking about availability.


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