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Red Necks!!

Day 21
In the mountains somewhere near Marysville, BC

What an interesting day this was going to end up being!

It all started quite normally, with Big O and me looking to hit the TCAT again. Getting to todays start point was drama free and the dirt road was free of those nasty 'road blocked' signs. Again, some real nice scenery.

Got some fluffy sand on one section that was like flour. Quite interesting moments there! :)

The road quickly turned to the mountains, or more precisely a valley in the mountains.

After a while I came across this dude in a little hybrid car coming the opposite way. We chatted for quite a while about life the universe and tar sands, him being from Alberta. He also told me that the road was washed out farther down the road. FUCK!!! But, being a bit pissed at having to turn around yet again, I decided to go see for my self. Not very far down the road I saw a sign saying that the road was a dead end 48km from here. That would be quite a turn around if I couldn't make it. So I looked at the gps and noticed that a line seemed too be branching off not to far away and going up and down the valley in the general direction on the TCAT trail. Let's go said Big O and off we where.

This was a gorgeous road.

Maybe half way through the valley, we came across this merry bunch of fellows:

I cought them just as the last traces of their last antic was fading away. One of the guys had pulled out his dreaded sun screen spray can and doused two of his friends. Well, this simply could not be left unpunished figured one of the two men deprived of the sun's rays! And what was closest at hand? A can of bear pepper spray... he actually sprayed the instigator, and an innocent by standard, with that shit! It took over an hour and half for the two legged bears of washing there eyes in the creek to get over the mind blowing pain of the pepper. Nice! I guess only real good friends can do shit like that and hope to get away with it... well, red neck friends anyway.

I ended up returning to there camp site, shared there food and beer. Even went out and played in the mud in there 4x4's. Of passing note, the campsite was at the start of the valley, so I ended up backtracking to the start point of the day!

They told me that it would be impossible for Big O to pass where they where going so Big was left behind. When we came back, for more beer, they decided to show me a red necks idea of a palace. But this time I decided to strip Big O of all his luggage and bring him along. God can Big O hit the trails when not burdened by all my junk. Went some nice stone bed creeks to a log cabin that some dude made. Here is the palace, or what we civilized people would call the 'shit house'.

You have to admit, that's pretty sweet crapper!

Later into the night, we played red neck Jenga. The idea is that each player get's his turn at laying a log on the fire, when you fail to balance it write and everything come crashing down, you have to chug your beer. One little note, the wood is on fire and FUCKING HOT!!

I don't have any pics of this, but I was introduces to red neck fire works too! The idea is quite simple, you need: a large mountain with no trees and a large calibre gun with a good sized clip! You shoot at the mountain the whole clip in a short burst and wait a second or two and see the sparks fly off the mountain... crazy fucking R.N's. Lol

The sky was stunning that night! Here is a poor picture of it, but I was distracted by all the hooliganisms going on around me, so took it quickly...

Big O's take on the day's events
You know, with all his talk of red necks, he sure fit in with disconcerting ease into that group. It might be time for him to come out of the closet and just admit it: I'm a big fat Red Neck!

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