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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
And for those of us who just point and shoot with whatever we have, what exactly is "chimping"?
Chimping is when you look at the camera's LCD display after every shot or two. It comes from when you look at the screen and see a good picture you say "Ooo oo oo I got a good shot", like the sound a excited chimpanzee would make.

The main reason I didn't do it was I wanted it to be like shooting film again, and looking at the display eats batteries. I did catch myself once looking out of habit.

The other thing I did was once the riders and bikes got covered with mud I put the camera down. I have 1000's of photo of riders that you can't tell who they are because of the mud and dirt. Whats the point of more Gigabits of sub-par photos.

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