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Big O goes on a cruise

Day 22
ended where: Osoyoos, BC

After leaving our beloved red necks, we headed once again into the valley. And yes, once again, the scenery was astounding. At one point, the road cross's Over the mountains. But the mountains are so steep that the road going up is just a series of switchbacks. Hell! That's the kind of shit you expect to see in Peru, not Canada. But contrary to the Peru or the Andes, the top was at 6500' and not 14000'. Still, very nice to experience...

And of course, ,as Newton so astutely observed: what goes up must come down! And an other series of hair pin switchback turns awaited us on the way down. But no pcs as I was to busy driving. Well, almost no pic. I just had to stop and take a pic of this hill Billie ambulance.

I don't no, but that was just weird. The van was pretty much abandoned on the side of this go nowhere road. I'm thinking it must be for the logging that goes on around the place...

In any case, we managed to follow the trail all the way to Kootenay lake. And with only one more 'road blocked' sign but our friends the red necks had told us how to bypass that. They had also informed us that the trail would bring us to a famous motorcycle road, the 3a, supposedly deemed one of the best on North America! Hot damn! Even if we where suppose to go north, we turned south toward Creston to ride this road. And yes, the road is beautiful and fun to ride. Lots of twisted and it follows Kootenay lake for some 60km. My only complaint to be honest was that traffic was rather slow and the twisties where lazy and would have been much more fun at triple digit speeds instead of 60-70km that the traffic was imposing.

Once we had hd our fill of the 3A, we turned around, heading for Nelson. But to get to Nelson, you need to take a ferry. Nice quick 30 min on the Kootenay lake.

After getting to nelson we decided to hit the tarmac for a bit and do some serious miles as the tcat was heading and was a bit to much of a detour from our destination of Vancouver island. So we set our sights on Osoyoos. Again, as usual In B.C., the scenery was gorgeous and the terrain was up then down, then up then down. At one point we fell 6000' in less than 10 minutes!

We did come across something that was just plain wrong in our mind:

I'm sorry, but even though I like Greenwood, I don't like him that much!

And the day ended with the descent into the tourist/resort town of Osoyoos. Again you go down like 4000' feet in just a few minutes. At one point, this is what the gps was showing....

Loving it!

Big O's take on the days events
I'm a Star! Just look at me! One day I'm doing single tracks, in 2 feet of water, going up 14% incline river beds full of baby head size rocks, and the next I'm scrapping my pegs in twisties! Who the fuck needs a GS1200? (imagine an evil/smug grin emoticon inserted here).

And for all my greatness what do I get? I second rate cruise! Some get month long cruises to Alaska! Me? Lake Kootenay on a cattle transport??? Arg! The ignominy of it should be enough to bring tears to yours eyes and hatred in your hearts for my rider!

Just look at this!

Shameful! Simply shameful!
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