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I was going 80 mph on a two lane country road on a warm sunny afternoon - and the one-and-only deer in my 570 mile day, decided to jump on the road.
I first saw it in the opposite lane, accessed some old club road racing memories, pulled in the clutch, and applied the front brake as hard as I dared.
When the long travel fork finally decided it had no more room to travel, I was fully braced against the bars, tank and pegs, then the front tire got that greasy feeling that says....hey I am about to slide. The bars did some waggling about as well. The rear wheel may have been off the ground.
By then the deer was directly in front of me and about 8 feet from my wheel, and it scampered off the road.
I released the front brake.
I never heard from ABS.

The Canary remained remarkably composed, it does not have the level of brakes that my Ninja 1000 had, and it weighs 100 lbs more and other than an initial soggy feeling at the break lever, I am very impressed with how the bike handled the emergency.

I have had people riding with me who have observed the ABS working on the back wheel while I wasn't even aware it had kicked in.
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