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Originally Posted by GerryL View Post
I've got a little over 5000mi on my '12 NTX, and I feel like something has changed...but I'd like to get opinions on if this is normal or not. I recently noticed a clunking when moving along slow in first gear, and it almost sounded like the center stand banging. After checking it out and experimenting, it is actually from play somewhere in the drive. If I put the bike on the center stand and put it in 1st gear (engine off), I can rotate the rear tire and make the clunk as it goes from one end of the free play to the other (by rotating tire forward and back). So each time the drive train loads up I get the clunk. I am not sure how to measure this better, but the tire can rotate 2-1/4" at the outer circumference before hitting the stop each time I do it. That seems excessive to me, but I didn't check it when new and don't know if this is normal for this bike. The noise is not from anywhere near the rear wheel, more like the area of the transmission. Any thoughts?
I've noticed the exact same thing on mine. Not sure if its getting worse or if I'm just becoming obsessed with it. I'm at 1700km
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