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great photo, where are you riding?

i haven't seen those reports on radiator fan failure in the field. getting the fan wet certainly doesn't hurt it.

the Versys comes with the 40mm larger radiator, compared to the early year ER6, and it's an advantage to have it. Engine Ice or similar could be used too, especially if you're on a slow road in hot weather.

i also think some of the radiator guards in use don't permit enough air flow, and without a stand off mounting system, the radiator and fan can't be kept clean easily. fine silty mud coming through the radiator can jam the fan.

get some full syn oil in that motor too, like M1 15-50, it helps.

seeing the temp light come on doesn't mean it's cooked, it just means some action needs to be taken, usually finding some water and flushing the core is the fix.
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