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Oooooooo new toys - how fun is that? I was looking for a stabalizer for my DR200 but haven't had luck with that. If I were taller a DRZ would sure have my interest but since I'm not I'll just be envious.

My plans for this gathering have changed, then changed again and might be on track now. One thing for sure is I'm looking forward to seeing all my old (AARP old? ) friends and meeting some new ones.

I think a least a couple of you met Lee at Hells Canyon and she has decided to join us for this adventure. Rainbow007, Lee and I will be riding down from the Spokane area via the scenic route. Lee rides a TW200, I'll bring the Superbug and Becky doesn't know which bike she is bring yet. It will either be her DR650 or her XT250. I might have to pressure her to bring the 250 so we can have an itty bitty girlie ride. Besides I'm leading and don't know where the heck I'm going. The 250 will be easier to turn around when I find a dead end.

We won't be able to meet at Shelly's house Thurs. and will try to meet up with everyone Fri. night but we don't know how we will do at making time from here to there. If we don't show up Fri. night we WILL show up Sat. night.
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