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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
JLo skipping Assen would not have decided the championship. But with a little more bad luck, it could have severely affected his whole future sporting career. So pardon me, if I think it was a bit foolhardy to jump on his bike and race. I am glad, that it all worked out great for him, but he just put too much at stake. And mind you again, by doing this he did precisely the opposite to what his doctors had adviced him to do. Heīs not a medical expert, so to me he was playing around with his health. Everybody, including him knew fully well, that he cannot afford to go down again, and itīs not always in your own hands. He was taken out by another rider one year before.
You should move to one of those coddling European Socialist countries . .

So much hand wringing. He raced, he didn't crash, he didn't die. I'm not fan of lorentho but serious testicular fortitude on his part. It's why we like this sport.
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