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I'm just a FNG (%#+% new guy) here but...

IDK, which airhead your working on but on my '78 R100S pulling the trans was easy and no jack is required. The driveshaft bolts are the hardest part and as long as you have the "new" style bolts no parts needed.

As far as a jack I would guess a transmission jack would work well.

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Probably a pretty simple question: what are you guys using as engine lifts for our airheads? I need to pull the engine up and forward to get enough room to get the gearbox out. Gotta figure out why it's leaking *again*. Last time I lifted the engine to get the gearbox out I used a car jack with some wood for support. It ended up slipping and the engine landed on the pushrod tubes. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Anyone know of an engine jack that fits "just right"?
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