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Originally Posted by psmcd View Post
Good goin MCHick. Sorry bout the lil sis' gut shot. She got the actual injuries most of us only feared while writhing and gasping from the handlebar punch.

Re: your AmFork training rides, I saw you'd been up Mineral Fork too, lighten up girl. That steep rock garden riding is baptism by fire. But ain't the scenery grand? When you stop?

I figure to scout the 157 ridge trail on the mountain bike but you could GoPro it for me so I don't get self in to extreme heavy lifting with the DR650.

For training I'd recommend feet on the pegs, standing single track riding with fewer rocks. It's tough to get a rhythm and feel for the bike in a bounce and bash climb like that 194 to Forest Lake route. The trick is to maintain momentum when you get knocked out of your line. That kind of riding requires looking ahead, scanning alternate lines through the obstacles and making quick decisions. That said, you're full adventure! The GoPro doesn't do justice to the challenge there.

You should try the single track in the Stansburys between South Willow and North Willow but ride it early in the morning this time of year.
Baptism by fire is one way I'd describe it, haha. I will for sure add trail 157 to our list of things to check out. We're planning on camping there this weekend, so hopefully we'll be able to check out the oodles of trails it offers.

I was dabbing in that rock field just to keep my balance, no way I could maintain speed in that situation yet. Oh well, I'll get back in the groove one day

I'm actually more apt to try stuff with massive boulders than single track. I saw a couple of YouTube video's with some wicked switchbacks--and those right handers...Which,actually leads me into my next post for last weekend when we took the trials bike out to play.

Thank you for your recommendations and words of encouragement
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