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Originally Posted by brocktoon View Post
Probably a pretty simple question: what are you guys using as engine lifts for our airheads? I need to pull the engine up and forward to get enough room to get the gearbox out. Gotta figure out why it's leaking *again*. Last time I lifted the engine to get the gearbox out I used a car jack with some wood for support. It ended up slipping and the engine landed on the pushrod tubes. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Anyone know of an engine jack that fits "just right"?
Remove the bolts that connect the driveshaft to the transmission. leave the boot clamps slack, inspect the boot and know the deal with replacing the bolts and the bolt lengths. I index the mating flanges so they go back the way they were. Optional.

Remove the seat.

Compress the clutch lever on rear of tranny and pop the cable off.

Remove 4 bolts that connect the rear subframe to the main frame.

Unplug the rear harness, under the upper left subframe rail back of the grab handle or thereabouts.

Remove the swingarm pivot pin locknuts and pins.

Move the swingarm/subframe/driveshaft and all rearward a couple inches. Rear wheel remains in and supports things.

Remove air cleaner.

Unbolt and remove tranny. It moves 1" to the rear to disengage the clutch splines and lifts out.

You may or may not have to fool with the battery box. It's a good time to take it out, de-rust and paint.

When the tranny is out, do not bang the eye that holds the clutch cable sleeve. It is fragile and the transmission heavy. Tricky to repair.

Depending on where the oil is dripping out of the tranny, the repair may not require removal. The thing has 6 holes in it that seal oil. (if I counted right). Only the front seal requires removal unless you have stripped threads somewhere that require machine work.
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