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Originally Posted by Tripper-CMC View Post
Hi Jeff,

Thought I would update a Google map to show your location based on your comments. Have a looksee and let me know where you stop and I will update it, If you give me a planned route I can add these too for you. Then anyone along the line can see you rolling along and hopefully they can offer a place to stay or offer some suggestions if they are familiar with the area.
Having problems updating the map, as I end up having to rebuild it every night...ARGGGG! So I am going to try another map called Google Lite and I think it will work much better, but it does not show the route, just your stops.

Here is the new pointer...

Give it a try and let me know if it works. As well make sure you give the location of your stops in your reports so I can be as accurate as possible. Just the name of the park or closest town will do.

Keep the rubber rolling.... wish I was with you, but supporting you from the sidelines is about the best I can do for now bud!

Later Voyager!
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