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A few observations so far:

Never drive in the right lane. Cabs drive in the right lane, drive slow and will stop at any time to pick up a fare. They also don't generally have working brake lights. If people have any vehicle problem at all, they just stop in the right lane. They could be fixing a flat, working on the motor or just chatting with their buddy on the sidewalk. It doesn't matter how many lanes there are or how fast the lanes are moving, people just stop when they feel like it.

The law of gross tonnage rules at street circles. Most folks here drive very small cars or mopeds and they generally yield at street circles. Buses don't yield to the circle and don't slow down coming into the circle, but they do honk.........when you piss them off!

There are crosswalks but pedestrians are well aware of the fact that they are at the bottom of the food chain. They will cross 4 lanes of traffic just about anywhere but they sure as hell won't cross when cars are coming. The same goes for dogs and goats.

Ever see a dog look both ways before crossing a street? African dogs do.

Apparently, Dakar has little biker gangs, only on Vespas! They split lanes like crazy, run in packs and must do something to juice up those little motors because I've seen a few of them ride wheelies through traffic while standing on the seat. Think Baltimore or the 495 on a reduce the cc's by about a thousand!
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