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Day 18.

Track log:

We left the hostel early, and were on a mission to find a new tyre before Helsinki. We were now very much in the land of the motorway :(

Whilst I was in Murmansk I did some calling around of KTM dealers in Finland and Estonia, to try and find a solution to my fast-wearing rear tyre. From past experience with the TrailAttack1, once you have 1mm left there is maybe 1000 miles before metal - and I've 1700 miles to go. This would have been ok if our first ferry had taken us to Denmark, but instead we had to ride an extra 800 miles unplanned :(

I called around 10 dealers, but none had a rear TrailAttack2 in stock, or could order one in time. With life still in the front it would be a shame to change brand/model.

The plan was that if I could not find a TrailAttack2 to match the front, then I would either throw away both and get some new Scorpions if the price was ok in Finland/Estonia, or just continue on until the tyre got to the metal before putting whatever I could find on the rear.

I put in the location of three KTM dealers to visit along the way to Helsinki to see what tyres they had - these pictures were from the first.

Two things were very lucky for me.
1. The new KTM 1190 Adventure comes with exactly the TrailAttack2 tyre I want (though dealers don't seem to carry it as a stock item yet)
2. A customer of this dealership bought a new 1190 but immediately wanted offroad tyres for it, so they took off the tyres but forget they had them kicking around the workshop.

We came to a deal that if I removed my wheel myself, they would fit the tyre and balance it without workshop costs, and for a fair second-hand price of the tyre.


Back on the road - then suddenly, Helsinki!

We got our ferry tickets for Estonia sorted out, before meeting up with some friends.

With the drinking tonight, a day off tomorrow to be tourists was going to be needed...
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