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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
I've been testing the fuel in my area with one of these simple ethanol testers from Ebay

So far all the regular gasoline (3) has 10% ethanol and all the high test (3) have 0% ethanol.

Maybe the blenders just put the ethanol in the regular lower grade which is their high volume seller? BTW, all the fuel comes in the same pipeline as pure gasoline.

Since you should get better MPG I'm thinking the high test is a better price performer?

Also tested two different stations that advertise ethanol free and they were correct. But why pay the premium for advertised " ethanol free" when high test appears to be "ethanol free"?

Some of you should get this tester ($10.99 free shipping) and report back your results. The alcohol in the up to 10% gas mixes with the water in the tester and raises the separation line between the water and gasoline to show the ethanol percentage. Simple test but works.
wow .. great info!

there's lots of times I cannot go to my favorite gas station without ethanol. pumping premium is about same costs as paying 20cents or so more at gas station without ethanol.

what a racket! successfully pulled off by the ethanol lobby... if a product cannot stand on it's own merits financially ... then it should fall and not be in the market place!

yet another example of the upper .01% enriching themselves further at taxpayer and public's expense.
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