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Originally Posted by Shaun09 View Post
I had the opportunity to use my Harmonizer for the first time over the weekend. Wow! Having the rpm display right next to the balance readout really simplifies the synchronization process (compared to my experience with a borrowed Twin Max last time).

On the 09R1200RT, I was able to get the balance dead-on at 1800 rpm and it stayed balanced through 7000 rpm. Next time, I'll adjust at 1400 rpm (but forgot to check the spec this time).

The GS-911 was helpful to monitor the oil temperature and (while not entirely necessary) lock the stepper motors. It was a quick and satisfying process following a valve adjustment.

Well done, Grok!

At 1400 you are very close to having the stepper motors interfere with the sync, so either do not go lower, or park the stepper motors with the GS911, or unplug them.

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