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Originally Posted by MUS View Post
Actually, I thought the ride concept was great and the ADV report of trip planning was great and very entertaining. However, I would have to differ with you on the comment that this was an excellent ride report. In my opinion it was the most disappointing TAT report I ever followed or attempted to follow hands down. Going to Facebook once the ride started was a major let down for those of us that wanted to follow this adventure and don't do the Facebook thing. In my opinion, if you don't plan on following through with reasonable updates on your ADV RR thread, don't even start one. I applaud the effort, all the riders who attempted this feat and especially the one rider who pushed on against the odds and actually made it. If there is a follow-up from Cycles East with a good after the fact report, I would love to read it.
So... let me get this right. You are sitting at your computer and you're disappointed about this RR??

So what? Who the fuck are you?

These guys build funky little bikes that were made to haul a 10 year old girl to the store in India into TAT bikes, they ride the shit the wrong way, they get hurt, they ride many miles per day on these POS machines and YOU... YOU Sir have the lack of character to be all pissed off cuz they want to tell the rest of the story on FB?
These guys are getting fucked up on these bikes for 200 miles a day and YOU, YOU, little worm of a man, sit at your computer and complain because your entertainment is cut off?


I'm doing the TAT in two weeks... I'll never post a word about it here because of FF's like you....

Here is your award....

I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.
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