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Originally Posted by csustewy View Post
+1 on Airhead Wrangler's comments.

And just take it easy at every border crossing. Relax, smile, be friendly, and expect each crossing to take up most of your day. If it's a fast one, then wow! so much extra time, and if it takes a few hours longer than what you might think should be necessary, well, that still fits with your schedule.

Enjoy the road!
This is an excellent comment. But knowing the rules in advance is a good idea sometimes. They're aren't many. In more than a dozen crossings recently even the bad ones can be quite interesting and worthwhile experiences, if you accept things for what they are, not what you expect them to be. However I had a unsuccessful crossing once because I re-entered Guatemala after expiring a previous TVIP (after cancelling correctly, on time) and re-entering without the required stay-away period. I recommend having an understanding of durations and re-entry rules unless you're riding a straight line through. If you're intimidated by how to get this information, as I was, and your Spanish is crappy, as mine is/was, then ask the various people here who 'Godfather' their various jurisdictions. For instance, Guaterider for Guatemala, Salcar for Nicaragua.
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