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Laugh Here we go again...

Originally Posted by ajsbonneville View Post
Well Thanks dalarra for your insight and polite way of helping me on this forum.

clearly you have a very high intellect and ability whilst retired to make sarcastic and spurious comments to those who are clearly not as clever as you or have the time to wade through reams of posts when in one line you could have solved the issue.

Obviously you are trained in making comments designed to embarrass and demean others, congratulations and in passing you might learn not to be patronising to others.

interesting because I have found americans to be polite and eager to help others.

Cheers to you and others like you

Hey, I'm not the one wading onto a vendor's thread - and a one-man-band one, at that - and trying to tell him how to run his business, take orders, etc. Nor am I the one who seems to think a couple of pages are "reams of posts" and acting somehow terribly inconvenienced at being asked to do a bit reading before asking a question that's already been answered.

You can try and blame your frustration, etc. on me, but it's not my fault you didn't want to invest just a tiny modicum of effort, instead deciding you needed to critique the guy who makes the product you'd like to buy and how he chooses to do business.

Good luck getting yourself a "Harmonizer". Meanwhile I'll happily enjoy the two I have.



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