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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
Hey, I'm not the one wading onto a vendor's thread - and a one-man-band one, at that - and trying to tell him how to run his business, take orders, etc. Nor am I the one who seems to think a couple of pages are "reams of posts" and acting somehow terribly inconvenienced at being asked to do a bit reading before asking a question that's already been answered.

You can try and blame your frustration, etc. on me, but it's not my fault you didn't want to invest just a tiny modicum of effort, instead deciding you needed to critique the guy who makes the product you'd like to buy and how he chooses to do business.

Good luck getting yourself a "Harmonizer". Meanwhile I'll happily enjoy the two I have.


Ok, we are at a small impass, it wasnt what you were saying it was they way you said it so ok clearly my reading of your words was incorrect, sorry for that but all I was asking as to why he didnt take orders, hardy 'critiquing the guy' and certainly there was nothing there about how he chooses to do business. as to being inconvenienced, thats hardly correct and when does 74 pages of posts translate into two assuming one starts at the first one.

But hey you are happy and so am I and I can leave it there and I am sure you can otherwise we will leave more posts to read that having nothing to do with the main topic.

Just a quick question, why do you have two harmonizers.

Cheers to you
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