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Originally Posted by The Friar View Post
There is also this option from the same mob that flickit posted......

Looks cool but not sure how practical it would be. There is also this option

Personally I'm still not sure which way to go. At 6' 3" I'm also not convinced that going taller will be the answer. Perhaps Flickit's way is the way to go?? I hate chopping things off. I'm not good at glueing things back together
Barney if you chop it post your thoughts on the results. Be interesting to see what you think.
I have had an OTR taller screen on the bike for the last 18months and seeing as the original has been sat in the shed not doing much I thought I try and experiment with a short version. The tall screen made a big difference for higher speed transports. But when I've been on rougher more technical trails I've found it gets in the way disorting the field of vision.
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