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10 Paragraphs of 66 Words...

01 - Were we to believe that fuckwittery evidences itself in most sectors of any civilization which we either remotely observe or have, have had, or will have occasion to come into direct contact with, then why might an individual or cohort of persons demonstrate a stubborn desire to imagine that it might not occur in one single corner or other partition or portion of this playground life?

02 – Are all Butchers refined in their practised task of despatching & dissecting their target cadaver, or are there some who flail around with bolt gun & slicers; and then amongst them a subgroup who (either thru/ough incompetence and/or malice) deliver the role of Killer/Cutter with neither compassionate alacrity nor respectful élan? Are there no Butchers who sully their profession and so should be called to task?

03 - So why then, whilst pointlessly grazing thru/ough the various comments sections on local, national & international fora or forums (depending on your grammatical take on the plural of forum) do I constantly see blindness & ignore-ance? Comments sections of both the mainstream fact outlets and a variety of remote self-interested groups of theorists and verbulators, gathered in dingy corners of electronic fora/forums or/and ‘In Real Life’.

04 - What mindset determines their obstinate take on things quite visibly disproved by even their own institutions of judgement? Ah, but in the mindset herein described that case referred to in the link there was the responsibility of External Contract Providers, giving the said mindset an out, limiting any resultant promises of understanding mistakes made/putting in place new systems/ensuring this regrettable isolated incident is never repeated etc.

05 - But if mistakes can be made (thru/ough either malice, malfeasant transgression or incompetence) in any given subset of any sector of society we meet, why then should it be thought wholly impossible for blunders to occur (thru/ough either malice, malfeasant transgression or incompetence) in the specific groups adjoined to the interests of the individuals carrying the mindset currently under examination. To wit – Do The Police Murder?

06 - Now, let us say right away there is a recognised delineation between commenters whose sphere of experience has never included events which might reveal or illustrate to them the Fake Wizard Behind The Curtain (i.e. ‘Law’ vs. ‘Justice’), as differentiated from that other group mindset which clearly knows of the existence of the Nude Emperor but stubbornly persists in maintaining their delusion that ‘Everything Is Ok’.

07 – The former might have their unintentionally dim perceptions illuminated through exposure to verifiable facts, and thereby be brought towards making an informed choice as to whether ‘Everything Is OK’ or not, but what are we to do with the latter? And when the view of the latter group is that the Polis do no wrong, how is one to shed light into such closed congested minds?

08 – Now, I am fully conversant with the fact that not all members of a given public service should be viewed thru/ough a lens focussed on their more mendacious and discreditable colleagues, however it’s certainly as ignorant to say that all are angels as it might be to say that all are devils. Surely this is just common sense as embodied in the laws of statistical probability?

09 – So when considering the verifiable facts surrounding the Judicial Murder of Habib ‘Paapu’ Ullah & the necessary campaign to see ‘Law’ deliver ‘Justice’, why is it that there is a demonstrable ignore-ance (as described in 7 above) perpetuated in the stated views of commenters here & here? What conditions are present in the branes of ‘Tigeran’ & followers which cause them to see a Clothed Emperor?

10 – Can we not surely see here, here & here that the widest questions need to be asked & answered regarding the integrity of our Polis Farce. And if we are unwilling to even entertain the idea that fuckwittery is possible within all sectors then, frankly, what the fuck are we thinking? So, eventually, what happens when the army are directed to shoot us in the streets?
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