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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
do you dispute ethanol costs US tax payers some $6Billion last year and that legislation has now changed to below... this artificially inflates prices for corn which will increase Food costs for just about everyone.

"The RFS mandates that at least 37 percent of the 2011-12 corn crop be converted to ethanol and blended with the gasoline that powers our cars…[As a result] the current price of corn on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is about $6.50 per bushel—almost triple the pre-mandate level."

totally disagree ethanol is a viable alternative fuel ... NO fuel that cannot stand on it's own financial merits .. should be forced down on American consumers!!!
Don't be an idiot. The tax credit ended 18 months ago and when it did fuel prices were raised by the distributors to make up the difference. The price of raw commodities has little to do with most food costs, most of the costs are in processing, packaging and distribution and ethanol helps reduce fuel costs. Take ethanol out of the picture and your fuel cost will jump.

It appears that you want farmers to go back to producing crops at below the cost of production prices and receive massive subsidies from the government and at the same time you would also have gasoline prices increase $1.50. That's sweet.

Your final statement is an exersise in concentrated stupid.
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