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Originally Posted by URNUTS View Post

Not done so I didn't want to post any pics but- here's where I am at.
Friend is coming over tonight and we will install the new coils in the 400.
Parts just got here so that bike has been at a standstill.
You can see the new coils on the floor by the 400.
I put those Cycra shields on both bikes- kind of kills that retro feel but I like them- easily removable, too, and they are mounted on vintage barkbusters that actually came on the bikes. Found the yellow shields on-line for next to nothing.
Been tinkering with the 175 while the 400 has become a tool stand- finally got the old barkbusters mounted on new bars, shorty levers installed, etc. Seems like a struggle to get old and new parts to mesh in many ways. You can't use new bars because the bolt-on crossbars interfere with the way the old barkbusters mount. Ended up going back to retro steel (oem type) bars which look better, anyway.
Still need to get the 175 outside for a good degreasing.
Bunch of parts on their way from the UK so hopefully will make some progress in the next week or two... or 10.
In one pic you can see my funny attempt to make my version of the enduro tool that I'm NOT paying $100 bucks for!!

Looking good. I really like the tank decal. I replaced my decals with OEM style, but the right side is not sticking well....maybe did not clean it well enough before applying the sticker.

You're going with an aftermarket silencer?
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