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Oh!? That is deep.
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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Wise words Noah.

I can say the same for the UK Foreign Office web site.

You have to bear in mind they are written by diplomats who will have to get off their asses to help you out if you go to their country and get into trouble. They dont want to do that. They assume everyone is a helpless idiot. So they warn you not to go there. It solves all their problems. It absolves them of all responsibility and means they dont have to deal with you.

Take government advice websites with a ton of salt.
And frees them up to continue to attend to the social aspects of their duties abroad which include getting all peacocked up to attend parties at other embassies. Rampant in Afghanistan, Brits, US, Can and others fawning over each others self importance.

That said when some idealist arrives to convert the dirty unwashed masses and ends up getting kidnapped it does make the diplomats life difficult, it shines a lot of heat and light on them and if they suck and can't so much as get a meeting with a decision maker in the host nation, well it reflects in their ability to influence anything beyond what cocktail to serve at the next function.
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