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Originally Posted by Infidel View Post

"Here Lies Infidel.
A Stupid Fucker.
Successfully exploited over 800 IEDs in Afghanistan
Only to come home and attempt to run a spark thorough his gas tank

So I decided to extend the wire a few feet...

Clicked it 3 - 4 times and WHA-LA!!!! Success

Thanks for the nugget!
Best post so far in this thread!!!
Not because of any technical wizardry or earth-shattering discovery, but because I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF when I saw this pic. That's AWESOME. Especially considering your background.
Thanks for the post brother, I can only imagine what a passing neighbor might have thought you were doing. I'm so twisted, if I saw someone walking down the street I would have screamed, "LOOKOUT!!!" when they got near the bike. But that's just me.
Day off today, I think maybe I'll go buy an ignitor and have it at the ready.
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