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Not to get off topic too far, but when you set up an electronic mail service like Endicia you get commercial rates. I haven't paid USPS counter rates in many years. When I insure my international packages they seem to not get lost as much also.

I haven't liked the direct cooking in a can so far, seems like too much heat is wasted. The simmer version works perfect with a shallow 8" pan. I like quick meals sometimes like Hormel Chili and the simmer version is great for that. So far, the simmer version gets the most use. I went on a week long trip with both types and cooked daily. I like the option of having them on a motorcycle but, I don't think I'll throw out my canister stove.

When back packing I feel the alcohol stove is the way to go since the weight lowers as you burn fuel and there is no heavy bottles or stove for that matter. These are so light in weight yet still sturdy enough! No parts or o-rings to mess up. These stoves are very light and durable. A very good choice for back packs and any type of bug out bag.

These stoves are a must have IMO, great price, durable unlike a penny stove version, so light they can stay with your bike all the time. They can serve as a back up or a quick way to warm water for drinks. The biggest advantage is the 100% clean burn. No white gas small, no butane smell, no canisters, no pumps, no leaking seal on your canister stove because you didn't check the o-ring.... just pure K.I.S.S. thinking.
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