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Originally Posted by TheOtherBart View Post
Does anyone have any experience with the Taurus PT709 Slim? I went into the local gun shop asking about DAO pistols and that was one he pulled out of the case. It felt great in my hand, seemed to point well, so I was seriously thinking about going back and picking it up. But when I got online to research a little more about it I see that Taurus lists it as DA/SA but has some confusing language about the trigger setting in SA mode when a round is chambered. So that means it's a DA pistol when the chamber is empty? I'm not sure that makes any sense.

Anyway I want something that has the same trigger pull for every round, but I'm not interested in a 1911-style SA at this point. How does the PT709 trigger actually work?
any particular reason you'd go with that brand? if you ask me, if you're looking for a home defence/carry gun, why try to reinvent the wheel?

i would recommend one of the many options that have been carried and tested by lots and lots of people over many many years.

i'm talking about glocks, s&w M&P series, (obviously their revolvers as well), springfield XD, and sig.

in terms of holster options, magazine availability, replacement parts, aftermarket parts, i think it's worth it to stay mainstream unless you have a compelling reason not to. and i don't think saving $100 bucks is a compelling reason in this case.

if you just want a toy for the range, get whatever floats your boat.

bmw makes motorcycles now?
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