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Originally Posted by SnowMule View Post
Dinner at texas roadhouse last night
Rode the 525. Since I was going through the city, I knew I could hop in the HOV lane and blast past all the slow cages through town, and I'd much rather be on the bike than in the truck.
Get to TR, buddy just pulled in. Lock up the bike, helmet in hand, jacket, boots, etc.
Table's ready about 10 minutes later, gal seating us nods at my helmet, "You ride? Crotch rocket?"
I laugh, "No, dirt bike." That kinda jammed her thought process....
"Like ... street bike?"
"No, like dirt bike. Covered in mud, bumpy tires... dirt bike."

I still don't think it sunk in all the way.

Was she cute? If so, you fucked up.
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