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Originally Posted by urbancowboy View Post
any particular reason you'd go with that brand? if you ask me, if you're looking for a home defence/carry gun, why try to reinvent the wheel?

i would recommend one of the many options that have been carried and tested by lots and lots of people over many many years.

i'm talking about glocks, s&w M&P series, (obviously their revolvers as well), springfield XD, and sig.

in terms of holster options, magazine availability, replacement parts, aftermarket parts, i think it's worth it to stay mainstream unless you have a compelling reason not to. and i don't think saving $100 bucks is a compelling reason in this case.

if you just want a toy for the range, get whatever floats your boat.

Glocks and S&W generally just don't seem to fit my hand well, and price becomes an issue for me with a lot of the higher end brands. What floats my boat would be something DAO, which is why I asked the question I did. But I appreciate the advice, it's definitely in the spirit of the typical "Does anyone know how well Brand X panniers fit on a KLR?" / "You should think about buying a BMW instead" internet input.

Commander, did you shoot it? Can you explain how that particular trigger action works?
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