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Originally Posted by TheOtherBart View Post
Glocks and S&W generally just don't seem to fit my hand well, and price becomes an issue for me with a lot of the higher end brands. What floats my boat would be something DAO, which is why I asked the question I did. But I appreciate the advice, it's definitely in the spirit of the typical "Does anyone know how well Brand X panniers fit on a KLR?" / "You should think about buying a BMW instead" internet input.

Commander, did you shoot it? Can you explain how that particular trigger action works?
Ruger SR9 and SCCY CPX2 are DAO. I've got both, but prefer SCCY. It's a little thicker, but not enough that I notice it even inside the waistband, and 10 rounds instead of 7.
Originally Posted by garandman
If you posted a thread on Face Plant that you crashed because an eagle attacked your helmet, you'd get five people saying how you should know better than to paint your helmet _________ and another five who will suggest you should have taken the MSF Eagle Avoidance course. Then another five will say the Eagle Avoidance Course sucks....
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