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Wow talk about being late...

Very sorry guys but you know how it is, hollidays+good weather+bike is a bad combination :o).

Well here we go:

On road:
What a difference! The bike is now glued to the ground. Even with worn out tires. Can't wait to change them to see the full difference. With the old suspension I had sometimes the feeling to ride on a rodeo horse (especially on belgian roads), no longer that sensation/feeling.

Now I can take corners more quickly and for the first time I'm able to scratch my pegs. I feel more secure and confident now.

Two up on road:
Well no more bottoming out or rodeo riding, even when fully loaded. If feels normal. Positive point is that the "tuning/setting" is very precice, one click makes a good difference and it is really easy modify it.

Off road:
Well what a difference too! No more hopping and the bike feels stable now. Since my wrist is still hurting I'm not able to do some hard off road. Should be there in august. But the back roads and forest roads I'm taking are feeling better now, even with 80/20 tires. Feeling that the front is now the bigger problem, but won't change that since I already changed for stiffer springs.
Don't know what else I can write here to help you guys, just ask me questions, should be easier...

Two up off road:
Well same thing as before, a lot stiffer, and I never had the feeling that the bike dominated me as before. It felt like losing 50kgs to the bike. The two up offroad was limited, through fields, country and forest roads. Will never push it further two up.

The build quality is great and I love the looks.
Only thing that I dislike about it, what I knew before, is the wheel turning of the spring. To bring it from 1 to 2 person riding it's a pain in the arse. Managing 30 clicks even with gloves is hard. Hard because of the stiffness of the knob and hard because of the lack of space (last point is especially shitty... IMHO). But once you have set it who cares right

Hope this helps, if not ask your questions.. but be quick, next week I won't have internet (again)
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