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Guy down the street from me had one. He was a little older - 18 to my 16 - and I loved that car. He never took care of it, beat on it, and just let it go. I tried to buy it but couldn't scrounge the cash. That was 1985(?)....maybe 1986.

Fast forward almost 30 years and I now have the resources and the know-how to afford one of these cars and work on em. Don't get me wrong, I'm no pro with a wrench but I did a mechanical resto on an 85 Land Cruiser that helped me find my way around a tool box and I can almost - and I mean ALMOST - do it right the first time.

So, she may not be the prettiest thing on the road but she is straight, I have a good bit of documentation, and she actually runs and drives. Maybe a better deal would have come along but I have seen few (mostly) rust free, one-owner, orig. engine cars come along even at this price. Bottom line, I like it and am already having a blast!

Good times!!!!

THats a really nice survivor car..... one that you kind of hate to change anything on because it's just a clean old car. Nice find!
My room mate is a BMW tech and he has a serious resto-mod 67 in his moms garage up in Napa. He's put serious money into motor, suspension, brakes etc..... cant wait for him to finish it.....
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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