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Originally Posted by Pilbara View Post
I was on my way to an enduro once, thought I would take a break from work for the morning and unfortunately come up a bit fast on a drain and went down on the other side, no big drama except that someone had put a rather large piece of concrete in the path my body was taking, my shoulder hit it and my collarbone broke on impact.
I called my wife to come and pick me up, she was not going to cooperate so I rode home, strapped myself up and was back at work in an hour machining a 300kg turbine shaft bearing cap, fitting a Bentley Nevada probe.

I ordered a really fancy clavicle brace on line, it came in a few days and I wore that for a few weeks.

I did not see a doctor or visit a hospital. I knew what I had done, I knew how to treat it and it only took a few hours out of my life. I managed to compensate for the lack of movement by improvising.

I actually thought nothing of it.

I really think we take some of this shit far to seriously, Jlo was a bad break but he had the advantage of having some really need shit available to get him bolted back together. He knew what he could do and just got on with work.

It's tough its good, but really at his level and line of work it is probably pretty well, normal! Albeit amazing!

If I had gone to a doctor I would probably have been given a medical cert to be of work for weeks. I didn't and I wasn't well a couple of hours, not weeks.

Jlo did what he knew he could do, why do people question it and or call it stupid. He doesn't call you stupid for driving a car down the highway.

Just let the guy get on with his job and be amazed, you really have no right to judge him at all from a lot of counts.

Yep, and no one is crying bloody murder that Marquez rode with a broken hand and a broken foot. Why no concern there? Certainly he needs both of those to control the motorcycle...

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Up until now, it has not been īnormalī to have an operation, wake up, jump on a plane, and fly back to the circuit, and race. He just got lucky, and it worked for him. Doesnīt mean itīll work every time.
I think it was simply a matter of time; JLo had enough time to get himself ready to race. I don't think Colin had as much time and that affected the doctor's decision to let him race.


This all kind of reminds me of when Rossi broke his leg. Because it was Rossi, the reaction was like he had died. But it was just a broken leg. A nasty break, no doubt, but no worse than what Randy DePuniet suffered a few rounds later. No one gave two f*cks about RdP.
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