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Originally Posted by baachor View Post

I bought this bike recently and it starts having issues when starting. It fires in low RPM and engine even shots off when I rev it bit while warming up. It actually died on me on STOP sign today.

What could be the problem?Things I changed:

- I'm using 91 gas. (not sure what original owner used)
- There used to be this terrible "peace of nothing" instead of original backfire screen in air box,and original foam.
(so I put in backfire screen from XR's only and UNI) I have tried to put in back original peace of s*** with stock foam and still fires.
- Changed spark plug but it did it before anyway

Also I found there is this inline fuel filter instead of one in tank.

Or could it be higher humidity we have here in California now?

Or do I need to adjust needles? (haven't wholly cleaned carb yet,just cleaned it bit on bottom-no dirt)

Rest of RPMs are fine when I ride,it's mainly low RPM.

Stock carb
T4 pipe
Half choke

It doesn't start easy (even previous owner had trouble),maybe it's just me
what jets. Mine takes 1 kick full choke then 1 kick half choke to fire when cold.
Plated XR650R
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