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Beginning of the 6k mile overhaul

Its time to start tearing down the Terra and do some much needed work to it. The first project in line is to remove the remains of the busted rear rack and try to remove the broken bolt. For the 2nd time.

I already did this a few months ago, and I was incredibly lucky to get it out the way I did. I will NEVER use loc-tite on these bolts again.

I began by removing the seat and rear cover, and also the cover on the bottom. Once these were off I could see the tail light was needing some TLC too. For being less than 5 months old, this bike has been beat to sheeeeit.

Once off I was happy to see the missing bolt wasn't snapped off in the light housing, but merely rattled out. I ended up finding it in the bottom cover. Who knows how long the tail light has been loose.

While trying to open up some space, I noticed I broke this mount somewhere along the trail. Nice.

Last time I removed this broken bolt from the top by soaking it with some liquid wrench and backing it out with a small punch and a hammer (and a lot of luck). This time I approached it from the bottom:

I had just enough surface on the bolt to grab with some vise-grips and turn it clockwise to thread it out from the bottom.
After an hour of fingering it, I was finally making some progress:

I'm amazed it came out without a lot of pain considering the blue loc-tite on the threads.

Got it back together, and now onto the next project:

I played with my new pipe bender a little today and messed around with some scrap.

What's left on the list:
-oil/filter change
-air filter
-mount new rear tire
-repair/replace front tube
-new chain and sprocket
-design and fabricate rear rack
-check valve clearances
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